27 Jul, 2017

The way of the future: A chat with Recruitment Systems CEO Neil Bolton

27 Jul, 2017

Recruiting is, and always has been, about people. In today’s digital age, where so much of our business is done over the web, it can be difficult for recruiters to maintain focus on the personal aspect of the profession. Throw various tech-focused software systems in the mix, and the true purpose of recruiting can get lost in the fray.

Since 2001, Recruitment Systems has been developing software that uses today’s amazing technology to facilitate the person-to-person interactions so necessary for recruitment. Led by our innovative CEO, Neil Bolton, we’ve come along way in 18 years, and the road ahead looks equally exciting – here are some insights into Recruitment Systems’ past, present and future.

The origins

Like many similarly innovative companies, Recruitment Systems originated when someone found a gap in the market. While working as a recruiter earlier in his career, Neil saw a need for a recruitment platform that focused primarily on enabling recruiters to streamline their administrative processes, rather than attempting to change the way they actually recruit.

“If recruitment could be automated then computers would be doing it, and they’ll never be able to.”

“I created Recruitment Systems because I couldn’t find any system which had quality at its core. Other systems concentrated – and still do – on trying to automate what must always be a human process: That of matching a human’s aims, career objectives, beliefs etc., with an employer’s mission, vision and values,” Neil explains.

After the creation of Recruitment Systems’ innovative program, the Total Recruitment Information System (TRIS), the company rapidly expanded to multiple overseas locations and grew at an incredible rate. Recruitment agencies around the world recognised the value of a system that didn’t try to automate the personal component of recruiting.

“So much attention is given now to trying to build a “magic button” a recruiter can push and the system will somehow do all the human matching,” claims Neil. “A recruiter’s only value is in doing that human stuff – if recruitment could be automated then computers would be doing it, and they’ll never be able to.”

What sets TRIS apart?

TRIS was designed to streamline the recruiting process, particularly from the administrative side, and allow recruiters to dedicate more of their time to meeting candidates. The software does this by managing emails, scanning resumes, messaging applicants, syncing with calendars and job websites (such as Monster and SEEK) and creating necessary documents – effectively halving the administrative time spent by recruiters.

“The future is in apps. No-one would dream of using a browser-supported system on their phone.”

From the beginning, TRIS has been revolutionary software. Back in the early 2000s, Recruitment Systems was the first company in the world to integrate Outlook with any database. Over the years, the company has developed other handy tools, such as offline sync, allowing recruiters to continue working even when they don’t have internet access.

“Desktop systems are quite old, as is the whole browser concept,” he says. “The future is in apps. No-one would dream of using a browser-supported system on their phone – they’d use an app, as it’s a far better user experience. It will be that way with all computing, on all desktops, laptops, surfaces. We’ve been bleeding-edge all our life – we’ll stay that way.”

For this reason, Recruitment Systems’ team of engineers is continuing to drive the recruitment software industry forward with our exciting and innovative new products.

Looking ahead to the future

In an effort to stay one step ahead of both technology and our competitors, Recruitment Systems is in the process of developing TRIS 5, our new app. TRIS 5 will improve upon the current software and transfer it to a format that is easily accessible, providing recruiters with a far speedier, more intuitive interface than available within a browser or traditional desktop application.

TRIS5 has been released. It’s beautiful. It’s powerful. And you already know how to use it.

In addition to our new app, we’re working on multi-level security options. This will change the world. Neil explains why these updates and his new app will take recruitment technology to a new level that other systems can’t reach:

“Apps are the future of computing – browser-based software is very old and incredibly, unbelievably difficult for developing powerful applications. But companies who have everything invested in browser-based systems really cannot move to an app-based architecture the way Recruitment Systems has.”

Keep your eye out for TRIS 5 hitting the market in 2019.

As technology progresses, companies like Recruitment Systems are rising to the challenge of keeping up with it. We are looking forward to the future of recruitment apps and programs, and we’d love to hear from you if you have any questions or would like more information. Get in touch with a representative from Recruitment Systems today!