18 Sep, 2017

Talent shortages: How can my recruitment agency overcome them?

18 Sep, 2017

To outsiders, recruiting might look like a fairly easy job – you make connections, find suitable candidates, set them up with clients and wait to see if it's a fit. However, those who live and breathe recruiting know that it is far from easy, especially when you're dealing with a talent shortage like Australia's.

"It's becoming increasingly difficult for organisations to find the right talent with the needed experience."

Recruiters only want to offer their clients the cream of the crop in terms of job-seekers, but what if there simply aren't enough skilled candidates to go around in Australia? This has been a significant issue over the last few years, with Bullhorn's 2017 Australian Recruitment Trends Report revealing that over 65 per cent of agencies claim that they feel the pressure of the shortage.

Australia has a talent shortage?  

It sure does. Nearly 40 per cent of employers in Australia reported difficulties in finding qualified hires in 2016, according to research from ManpowerGroup. Though this is an improvement on 2015 figures, there are still significant challenges in talent acquisition. Richard Fischer, ManpowerGroup ANZ's Managing Director, elaborates.

"Technology has shifted market demands and dramatically changed the way we work. It's not only reshaped existing roles but created completely new jobs that were unheard of only 10 years ago," he explains. "With so many new fields emerging, it's becoming increasingly difficult for organisations to find the right talent with the needed experience."

What should recruiters do about this shortage of talent in Australia? There are a couple of things that might help.

Overcoming the talent shortage

The first way to begin coping with a small candidate pool is by not relying solely on social media. A good chunk of the eligible workforce will be older, making it less likely that they'll be using social media, so recruiters need to use other methods of finding them.

It also makes sense to continue trawling for new candidates, even when you don't necessarily need them – this way, you always have something in the pipeline. If you're still having trouble, consider expanding your talent pool. HR Partners suggests considering some of the two million Australians with disabilities, as this is a pool that is commonly overlooked.

Finally, you might benefit from upgrading your candidate management software – by taking the administrative tasks off your hands, systems like TRIS Recruitment Software give you more time to focus on growing your talent pool. Reach out to a representative at Recruitment Systems today to hear more.