TRIS – Candidate Management Software

Helping you to be Exceptional

As a remarkable recruiter you need extraordinary software. Great recruiters need great tools, and TRIS’ innovative application-based software makes it easy for you to be exceptional.

TRIS is the easiest, most productive, and comprehensive recruitment system in the world.Working with TRIS ensures that your team can perform at their best; all the time.
TRIS makes it easy to do a great job. With TRIS, workflows have been designed by recruiters together with specialist User Experience experts – TRIS is designed for recruiters by recruiters. TRIS follow the path of least resistance. Just by following the standard workflow every member of your team can be exceptional, even the office junior.
TRIS lets recruiters recruit. TRIS takes care of all the reporting and admin work. Automatically. Track KPIs, end dates and revenue in a glance, check what your week looks like, and keep on top of your sales pipeline. TRIS does the work so that you can do the fun parts!

Software that streamlines your workflows

TRIS automates most of the boring “grunt” work of recruitment. It is always a step ahead; doing what needs to be done. Whether it’s helping you to keep in touch with candidates and contacts, or just making sure that those emails are always logged TRIS makes the behind the scenes work of recruitment easy. TRIS also saves everything automatically where it should be filed, so you know exactly where that reference check or contract can be found. TRIS makes sure that you can keep on top of all your work. If you are looking after a busy bulk recruitment desk with hundreds of applicants for every job or curating a bespoke senior search function TRIS can handle it. Customisable, elegant, and easy to use, TRIS looks after all your recruitment needs.
With TRIS it’s easy to automatically parse emails, resumes and documents, and track all your communications. TRIS does all those things that are essential for great productivity and good record keeping, but often just don’t get done, even in the best run organisations. TRIS gives excellent recruiters back time and helps the rest of us become better! TRIS is the only touch screen enabled recruitment app available. Located on the Microsoft Azure Platform TRIS is always secure, always locally hosted, and always fast. Designed specifically for agency recruiters, it is relevant for every form of recruitment – white, blue, pink, and grey collar, permanent and temporary as well as executive search. TRIS is scalable, adaptable, and customisable.

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TRIS makes your job easy and productive
  • makes your job easy and productive
  • automates your recruitment workflow and reduces bottlenecks
  • affordable, and offers flexibility for teams who work across multiple locations
  • improves you and your team’s efficiency
  • “kills” extra clicks
  • makes posting jobs to major job boards easy
  • facilitates team collaboration and improves client communications
  • provides “at a glance” business reporting
  • works seamlessly with Outlook and major online job boards to manage job applications
  • links with your website job portal to enable your candidate to self-service
  • simplifies communication and record keeping, including personalised bulk email and SMSs
  • provides face to face and video training options to help your team be productive FAST
  • allows access to your recruitment data while on the move

Feature & Benefits

Track KPIs to meet and define objectives, and improve efficienc
Identifies bottlenecks to aid process improvement
Optimise workflows for better outcomes
Enforces good recruitment process, and ensures that your team complete mandatory steps every time
Allows you to tailor the nitty gritty, like mandatory fields in forms and colour-schemes

Business Solutions

TRIS provides templated and customisable business solutions that can be specifically tailored to meet any of your needs. We know that recruiters operate across a range of industry sectors, and TRIS has been designed to work with any sector you need. From Astroturf laying to Xenobiology TRIS is the recruitment app that you and YOUR business needs. We designed TRIS knowing that although every recruitment business is different, and every recruiter has different needs we all need simple, straightforward software that makes doing our job well easy. Using TRIS helps you and your team do an exceptional job. TRIS is highly configurable and includes a range of reporting widgets that you and your team can mix and match to give you the information you need. If your sector needs something different TRIS widgets can easily and quickly be designed from scratch.
Key Functionality
  • Trade and Industrial
  • Technical and Specialist
  • Professional and Office Support
  • Government and Public Sector
  • Health and Services