Restricted Placements

Recruiting during a pandemic has become a complex juggle. It’s not unusual for today’s flexible workforce to be working across multiple sites or for more than one employer. Covid 19 has forced us to realise that this flexibility can be dangerous. Aged Care employees, hospitality workers and contractors have all sparked outbreaks when they have moved between sites and jobs. State Government and Industry bodies now advise that during the current pandemic this is no longer advisable.

Making sure that you protect your contractors at the same time as servicing your clients has become a jigsaw of overlapping incubation periods, team isolation and restricted placements. It’s hard understanding what restrictions need to be considered for different industries without being an epidemiologist. TRIS restricted placement options now lets you set your restrictions once, and then get back to work. If you recruit aged care, medical or hospitality staff making sure that everyone is safe just got a whole lot easier! TRIS will NOT let you put your people in danger, and once life gets back to normal it’s just as easy to change your settings back.

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