01 Jun, 2019

Are apps the future of recruitment tech?

01 Jun, 2019

Smartphones of all different shapes and sizes seem to be dominating the tech world. And they are – unless you have the chance to use something with a nice big screen.

Are mobile apps on phones and tablets the future of recruitment technology in Australia?

Simple answer? Absolutely not.

When you compare apps with desktop systems, the difference in technological advancement is stark. Apps are beautiful. They demolish traditional desktop or browser systems in terms of usability. Ask yourself: have I ever needed to be taught how to use an app? And then compare that with the learning curve for a system on your computer. It should be obvious – apps are the future. End of story.

But it’s actually just the beginning of the story. The killer for small-screen devices is . . . small screens. Screen real estate is valuable. Up to a point, the more you have, the more productive you are.

You just can’t do much on a phone – the screens are too small, your fingers are too big, and you just need to see more to make sense of anything.

Phones are great for making phone calls (!) and reading and sending quick emails. And streaming YouTubes and music, and catching up on social media, and making life-when-you’re-stuck-somewhere less boring. But if you want to do some work, you need pixels, characters, information in front of you. On a desk the average number of computer displays per computer is nearing two – and the average size is 1920 x 1080 pixels per screen. (It seems from personal experience that as soon as workers get given two screens, magically a third or fourth appear from somewhere . . . ) And quite often a recruiter will have a two-display computer – AND a laptop, and be working them all at once.

We spend 40 per cent more time on our smartphones and tablets than our computers – but only doing simple stuff.

We have to provide many windows to information, and many tools for all stakeholders. Sometimes – when you’re not at a desk, or in a coffee shop without your laptop/Surface, you have to fall back on your phone. And you use it for what it is good for. And we learn from those things too – apps are easy! Apps are productive! Apps are – well, they’re just cool! We have to phase out desktop programs in favour of  apps – for productivity and for enjoyment.

Taking the drudgery away, making life productive and fun again.

Computer programs grow. They start lean and mean and productive and easy. And then people add stuff to them, and not-so-gradually they become complex and really, really powerful. And people realise after a while they’re only using maybe 15% of them. And it’s just – hard! And they pull out their phone and they are reminded that apps are fun, and productive, and easy – and way more powerful that anyone would have a right to expect.

Guess what, people: that’s what recruitment systems are now – if you just decide to move out of the past into the future of apps.

Finding the perfect candidate is easier than ever with new recruitment mobile apps.Finding the perfect candidate is easier than ever with new recruitment mobile apps.

TRIS Recruitment Software is an app. It’s a thing of beauty. It’s something you know how to use even before you’ve seen it.

The TRIS 5 app was released on July 1 2019, and is revolutionising recruitment.

Do you want the most powerful, most fully-featured – yet easiest to use system for recruitment – ever? Just reach out to a Recruitment Systems representative.

You’ll thank yourself, your staff will thank you – and your candidates and clients will love you for it.