Hire Anywhere with TRIS Mobile Recruitment

Recruit wherever, whenever and on whatever you are with TRIS, the powerful recruitment platform that runs on desktop, laptop and tablet. 

Built for how you work

The mobile revolution is here. The days of recruiters being chained to a desk in a single office are over. Today’s recruitment teams are mobile and agile, frequently working on-site and on the go.

They need an app that can keep up. They need TRIS. The only touch screen enabled recruitment app on the market, TRIS delivers a desktop-quality experience on laptops and tablet devices. A fully responsive interface ensures TRIS looks and works beautifully on screens of all sizes, ensuring that whether you’re in transit or just stepped away for a coffee, you can respond to a new applicant, a new enquiry or a new challenge instantly with the device you already have. 

Who can benefit from mobile applicant tracking software?

We’re living in a mobile world. Like other professions, recruiters now work anywhere at any time from any device. Mobile applicant tracking software simply allows this, ensuring that recruiters have access to the information they need to make informed choices. In this way, any recruiter can benefit from mobile applicant tracking software, helping them find top talent wherever they are.

Why is mobile recruitment important?

The market has never moved quicker. In a time when companies and industries are forced to pivot rapidly to avoid disruption, you need to know you can source the right talent for new initiatives at the right time. Mobile recruitment helps you get the edge on the competition, allowing you to find the rising stars and in-demand specialists before anyone else. 

How can software help with mobile recruitment?

The right software is essential to mobile recruitment. Without a purpose-built, responsive application or webpage, recruiters are forced to attempt to dial into their existing ATS/CRM on whatever device they have, usually leading to limited functionality or poor response times – exactly what you don’t need in the fast-paced world of recruitment. 


We’ve helped a range of recruitment agencies streamline their work – killing those extra clicks with our powerful automation pathways and intuitive interface. Take a look here to see what our current recruitment clients have to say about TRIS.