TRIS by Recruitment Systems

A Feature Rich Suite of Recruitment Tools – By Recruiters, For Recruiters.

TRIS by Recruitment Systems is a full suite of purpose-built recruitment tools designed to take the power of cloud-computing into the recruitment sector. We’re recruiters ourselves, and we’ve developed TRIS as an answer to the problems we saw in the sorts of communication and coordination that can make fast-paced work hard to track and collaborate on.

TRIS is packed with features that simply have to be seen to be believed. We’re proud of what we’ve achieved with our intuitive and platform-agnostic app. We feel we’ve created something that will empower recruitment agencies of all shapes and sizes to make teamwork and results driven practices their default mode of operation. Look on below to learn more about TRIS by Recruitment Systems, and to get an in-person look at what makes our platform special – don’t hesitate to reach out and book a demonstration today!

Cloud Based

Teamwork is all about communication and accessibility. TRIS is cloud-based and platform agnostic, meaning that information is made accessible across teams and available when you need it.

A Powerful CRM

Recruitment is all about building relationships. Keep track of the interactions had between you and your customers with TRIS. Fast and secure CRM functionality made easy.

Applicant Tracking

Eliminate the uncertainty and guesswork that comes with managing candidate applications. Reliable access to information relating to pending applications – across platforms and informed by the cloud.

Manage Candidate Relationships

Enable long term strategies for success with TRIS. Candidate relationship management made easy and communicable across teams and throughout your organisation.

Open Candidate Sourcing

Eliminate the stress and guesswork that comes with sourcing the best talent for your client organisations. Support better candidate sourcing strategies with TRIS.

Generate Collaborative Hiring Practices with Your Clients

Keep your client organisations in the loop with a platform that encourages collaborative hiring practices. Support your team with TRIS by Recruitment Systems.

Schedule Interviews

Push back on that endless back and forth – but keep your organisation in the loop. Fast and effective interview scheduling made easy with our cloud-based app.

Take Recruitment Mobile

TRIS is cloud-based and platform agnostic, and is designed to be mobile. That means that you can take your recruitment efforts with you wherever you go.

Manage Offers Via the Cloud

Automate and track employment offers via an intuitive and easily intelligible interface. No more deep dives searching for an answer, just fast and effective offer management.

Automate Your Recruitment Efforts

End the ceaseless sifting through applications, job descriptions and client communications to get a result. Automate your efforts and push for better with TRIS.

Collect and Store Resumes and Collateral

Develop a centralised source of truth in your business. Store and manage resumes and other collateral somewhere your entire team can get to it.

Make the Leap into eRecruitment

TRIS by Recruitment Systems represents a leap forward for recruitment and staffing agencies across Australia and the world. Get in touch to find out more and make the e-recruitment leap today!


We’ve helped a range of recruitment agencies streamline their work – killing those extra clicks with our powerful automation pathways and intuitive interface. Take a look here to see what our current recruitment clients have to say about TRIS.