Candidate Sourcing

Take your candidate sourcing efforts further with TRIS. Integrate a variety of channels into our powerful cloud based recruitment platform.

TRIS Candidate Sourcing Software – The Smarter Way to Recruit

TRIS by Recruitment Systems helps you and your teams eliminate the uncertainty and running around that so often comes with candidate sourcing. By leveraging the strengths of social media and making it quick and easy to push job opportunities out to channels both established and emerging – our cloud-based and platform agnostic software will transform the way you work.

Automate How You Source Candidates

Candidate sourcing is one of the trickier aspects of the recruitment journey. In a competitive market, with plenty of other agencies vying to fill the same roles (and chasing the same candidates to do it with) you can’t afford to go losing a step with faulty processes and dropped communications.

We know you’ll love what TRIS makes possible. We’re recruiters ourselves, so we’ve been where you stand right now – and we know exactly what automation can do to give your recruitments and edge. Our platform makes it possible to go further and faster with effective automation tools.

Cloud-Based, Platform Agnostic & Feature Rich – How TRIS Helps with Candidate Sourcing

TRIS is software that helps agencies like yours with virtually every aspect of the recruitment journey. When it comes to candidate sourcing, you’d be blown away at what the TRIS suite of automation features can do to keep everything clear and communicated.

Cloud-based, platform agnostic, and mobile enabled – it’s not simply the interface and suite of automation features that sets TRIS apart. It’s what our software does to ensure each step of the way is tracked and communicated the way it should be

Hosted on the Microsoft Azure Platform TRIS is always secure, always locally hosted, and always fast. With our platform, no one on your team will ever be without the information they need.

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Discover the Next Generation of Recruitment Tools with TRIS

TRIS makes it simple to carry a candidate through each step of the journey. From initial contact, through to interview scheduling and post-placement contact – every aspect is handled. Designed specifically for agency recruiters, you’ll have exactly what you need to make great results an everyday occurrence.

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We’ve helped a range of recruitment agencies streamline their work – killing those extra clicks with our powerful automation pathways and intuitive interface. Take a look here to see what our current recruitment clients have to say about TRIS.