A Powerful CRM for Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment is a relationship driven industry – so it’s vital that you and your team do what you can to ensure that you aren’t missing a beat with any of your clients. TRIS by Recruitment Systems is a platform agnostic app that hosts a suite of recruitment specific tools. One of the most impressive being an intuitive customer relationship management functionality.

More Than Your Average CRM Recruitment System

At a personal level, most of us aren’t really all that well equipped to navigate more than a handful of close relationships. But as recruiters, we’re expected to impress clients on a daily basis with our knowledge of their specific needs and requirements.

TRIS makes keeping track of client communications simple by taking the guesswork out of checking up on where your client relationship is at. Backed by the accessibility made possible by the cloud, TRIS presents customer related information in a clear and concise way.

Work Better with TRIS

When it comes to sifting through endless applications, job descriptions and client communications, you want a platform that eliminates the unnecessary back and forth. TRIS is a platform you can look to for the complete answer all in one place.

Powerful recruitment automation capabilities and an intuitive interface put the full suite of recruitment specific tools right in the hands of you and your team. Whether its customer relationship status, applicant tracking, or offer management, you can make it all happen with TRIS.


We’ve helped a range of recruitment agencies streamline their work – killing those extra clicks with our powerful automation pathways and intuitive interface. Take a look here to see what our current recruitment clients have to say about TRIS.