Candidate Relationship Management

Any experienced recruiter will know that they rely on the relationships they build. It’s a fast-paced industry, and there is rarely any time to lose when an opportunity arises, but it’s the work that you do to foster ongoing candidate relationships that really counts in the long run.

A Better Way of Keeping Track

The market is pretty crowded – and not just with other recruitment agencies, but also with software solutions for recruiters looking to get that edge. But you’ll know better than most that not all recruitment agencies are built the same, and neither are the tools you can use to set yourself apart.

TRIS by Recruitment Systems is an app that makes every aspect of the recruitment process trackable – and pushes the performance of your team with powerful automation patterns. Applicant tracking is just one aspect of what TRIS can do for your team, but you’d be blown away at what this one aspect of our recruitment software can do for you.

Foster Better Candidate Relationships with TRIS

Our platform is an app with a difference. TRIS is a full suite of recruitment specific tools designed by recruiters, for recruiters. We know what it means to have the knowledge you need on hand when it comes to candidate relations – and we’ve built a tool that makes it easy to draw on every bit of information you need to maintain those relationships.

We’ve done the work to ensure that you and your teams have ready access to information generated via applicant tracking, interview scheduling and resume management. Presented via an intuitive and cloud enabled app, you’ll have all the historical and current information you need to conduct exchanges with clarity and confidence.

A Cloud Based Candidate Relationship Management System

TRIS is built to take the power of cloud computing into the recruitment space. We’ve designed the TRIS suite of tools to interoperate in a way that you simply won’t find anywhere else in the recruitment space.

By making it possible to store and access candidate relationship information in a common space, we’ve eliminated the sorts of problems that arise when you’re working with incomplete information. Pair that access with automated triggers and the ability to locate vital candidate info with only a couple of keystrokes or swipe of a finger – and your team won’t ever have to wonder who’s done what again!



We’ve helped a range of recruitment agencies streamline their work – killing those extra clicks with our powerful automation pathways and intuitive interface. Take a look here to see what our current recruitment clients have to say about TRIS.