TRIS – Experience how intuitive a touch screen app can be

TRIS has been hand crafted by Recruiters purely because we know how much you hate admin.

Since 2001 Recruitment Systems has been making your job easier. We design, develop and support recruitment software that helps you provide exceptional service.

We know how important candidate care is to you and your business. From that first welcoming email to a signed contract in their hand, TRIS ensures that no candidate will ever need to wonder what has happened to their application.

The Best in Recruitment Software

There’s no easier, simpler, more reliable and more productive way to recruit than TRIS. TRIS – the Total Recruitment Information System – is all about minimising admin and letting recruiters recruit. Our innovative recruitment software is used all over the world. Agencies use us because TRIS can be customised so that you can work the way that YOU want. TRIS combines workflows designed by recruiters with powerful software solutions that cut the time it takes to process an application by more than half. It can even happen while you sleep.
Our Difference

Successful businesses don’t stand still. This is even more true when you work in software, like we do. We know that your business doesn’t stand still either. Right from the start we knew that we needed to continually re-invent our systems – all the time. We’ve done that. TRIS is the only app designed for recruitment. We’re way in front of the pack, and we’re planning on staying there.

Built by Recruiters With A Passion For Recruiting (and a team of very clever programmers. Remember those Rocket scientists…)