30 Mar, 2017

A quick guide to the pros and cons of eRecruitment

30 Mar, 2017

eRecruitment is the way of the future. However, if you're a company looking to make their way into the digital recruitment space, it's important to know both the pros and cons before you do.

Use this simple guide as you step into the world of online recruitment so that you have an idea of what you have to gain and lose. 

Benefits of eRecruitment

One benefit of eRecruitment is that it gets you in touch with more candidates at a faster pace than ever before.

For example, some of the best recruitment software systems, such as TRIS, have syndicated display advertising technologies. This technology makes it so job-postings are seen by more job candidates, according to John Rossheim, a prominent IT journalist writing for Monster.com. Recruitment software also saves you significant time and money because you no longer have to plan an advertising campaign, buy media and design ads. 

 An additional benefit of some recruitment software is an applicant tracking system. In an interview with Inc, Sharlyn Lauby, the president of HR consultancy ITM Group says that this type of technology makes it easier for recruiters to share notes on candidates. An ATS system improves record keeping exponentially and decreases the likelihood of losing track of the most qualified candidates. Plus, advertising software gets the attention of passive applicants who may not actively be looking for jobs, but could be the best person for the role.

Lastly, having an automated candidate management system makes your HR department much more efficient.

"When you automate the right tasks, then it frees up time to do the in-person ones better," Lauby says

Cons of eRecruitment

The main issue that recruiters take with using software is that it is still about "weeding out the weak rather than finding the best," according to Lou Adler, CEO of the search and training firm, the Adler Group. Although total recruitment systems are incredible time savers, you miss out on the longer, more intimate interviews with candidates that appear weaker on paper but have other great strengths.

The downside of eRecruitment is that you can miss out on effective face-to-face techniques for finding the right candidate.The downside of eRecruitment is that you can miss out on effective face-to-face techniques.

You can lose the human element when adopting a solely technological total recruitment system. For example you miss the opportunity to test out a candidate's interpersonal skills that may make up for their lack of technical skills, which they could learn on the job. The interview should be an essential piece in the recruitment puzzle Scott Elliott, CEO & Owner at Elliott Scott HR says.

With a purely software based recruitment system, the possibility of an outstanding candidate falling through the cracks becomes a concern.