09 Oct, 2017

4 ways for AU recruiters to build stronger client relationships

09 Oct, 2017

In recruitment, we can get so focused on building a solid talent base that we forget about who we're ultimately doing it for – our clients. Recruiters dedicate such an enormous amount of time and energy into candidate networking that the client relationships can occasionally fall to the wayside.

If you feel like this might be happening at your agency, it makes sense to address the issue – here are four of the best ways to build strong client relationships as an Australian recruiting business.

1. Take time to get to know the client

It might seem obvious, but you'd be surprised how often recruiters begin scouting talent without truly figuring out what the client is looking for. In the initial meeting or call with the client (and, honestly, at every stage of the process), it's important to be listening more than you're talking.

In the initial meeting or call with the client, it's important to be listening more than you're talking.

If you really absorb what the client is telling you they want rather than jumping to conclusions about the quality candidates you can think of for the job, they'll likely be more satisfied with the outcome. Same goes for the industry – you don't have to know it backwards and forwards, but a bit of research could make all the difference.

2. Work on selling a solution, not a person

In the same way that clients typically dislike it when agencies don't take the time to get to know the business, they're also unimpressed by recruiters who throw CVs at them in the hopes that something will stick. When you've learned exactly what it is that the client is after, you can work on selling them a solution to their problem – not just another warm body to fill a job opening.

Phrasing it like this makes it clear to the client that you understand what their problem is and that you have a way to fix it. In this way, you'll provide the personal touch while offering them something that can tangibly improve their business.

Building strong relationships with your clients is simple with these four steps.Building strong relationships with your clients is simple with these four steps.

3. Work with HR

Sometimes, Australian recruiters tend to avoid their clients' HR departments – whether it's a personality clash issue or something else entirely, this can be detrimental to your success with that client. HR representatives tend to have some of the best insider information that can give you a sense for exactly what the client is looking for, according to Nicky Winch from Capgemini.

Even if the position your client is looking to fill isn't in HR, building a rapport with the department will get you in the good books and will give you greater insight into the company culture.

4. Maintain amazing communication

Above all, the key to building successful (and lasting) client relationships is having great communication skills. It's your job to reach out to the client, even if there aren't any updates on new candidates – they will want to know why. Always be responsive to calls and emails, and make sure you are keeping your clients in the loop.

Unfortunately, maintaining constant communication can be difficult as a recruiter; we spend all day scouring recruitment databases and managing candidates, so there's not a whole lot of spare time. Luckily, there are applicant tracking systems out there that can handle the tedious day-to-day administrative tasks clogging up your schedule.

TRIS Recruitment Software is a business solution that does all the dirty work for you, allowing you to focus on what really matters: finding quality candidates and building rock-solid client relationships. For more information, reach out to a representative today.