26 Jun, 2017

3 ways to sell the candidate on a difficult job

26 Jun, 2017

The specifics of each hiring process are different, but one thing remains the same: a candidate who is worth interviewing must be 'sold' on the open job. This process becomes significantly trickier when you're hiring on behalf of a client. Recruiters faced with this problem might wonder how they can sell a difficult job opening, especially for a third-party client.

It's the recruiter's job to ensure that the opening is presented in the most appealing way possible.

Here are three ways agency recruiters can convince a candidate that a particular job is worth taking.

1. Find the USP

Researching and getting to know the client is obviously an important part of recruiting for them, but it becomes even more essential when you're trying to recruit for a difficult job.

In these cases, recruiters need to find and highlight the client's unique selling point, or USP, by communicating with them. Perri Chase, CEO of Archively, gives an example on her Medium page of a poor recruiting experience to demonstrate the importance of communication with the client to fully understand (and sell) the job at hand.

""[The recruiter] should have asked […] to get an understanding of where we are and where we are going. It would be great for him to understand where our product is going and how our needs will evolve."

Although you're certain about a specific candidate, they might not be certain about the job.Although you're certain about a specific candidate, they might not be certain about the job.

2. Practice your pitch

Forbes suggests that before they begin the hiring process, agency recruiters should look at the job and ask, "Would I accept this position?" If so, great – if not, they should practice pitching the employment opportunity, even if it's a challenging one.

Recruiters need to find the client's USP: the aspect of the job or company that will keep candidates interested.

For example, if the day-to-day of the position in question isn't particularly compelling, it makes sense to highlight opportunities for growth, company culture or any other unique benefits that come with the job, according to Workable.

3. Be friendly and organised

It might seem obvious, but a personable and excited interviewer will transfer their passion to the candidate. Keep in mind that you are the only link between candidate and client – everything they know about the job they know from you, so put on your best smile and sell the job.

Recruiters who are frazzled or disorganised during the interview will also not present the best portrayal of the client to the candidate. To streamline your recruiting process and eliminate your daily administrative tasks, take a look at TRIS Recruitment Software, or get in touch with us today.