Pricing Options For TRIS

TRIS – built and priced for every agency.

Designed for you

TRIS is the software suite designed for your recruitment agency. Perfect for businesses of every size, budget, and market, it delivers the features you need in a flexible package tailored to your unique needs and objectives.

Built for every recruiter

To suit agencies of all sizes, TRIS is available in a range of packages from Standard up to Enterprise, suiting businesses of all sizes. To suit recruiters on the road, TRIS is also available in a Mobile version, helping you stay compliant, agile and effective wherever you are.

Payment options to suit your business

TRIS is an ongoing monthly subscription including unlimited technical support and upgrades.

Extend your TRIS experience

Make every dollar work even harder for you with the TRIS suite of enhancement modules. These powerful add-ons deliver cutting-edge analytical, forecasting and eRecruitment features, making you more effective and productive.


eRecruitment Tools

TRIS’ automation and Microsoft Outlook integration helps your business to reach its full potential.

eRecruitment ready

TRIS streamlines the process of posting jobs, registering candidates, managing timesheets and contracts and more.

By recruiters, for recruiters

TRIS was built by the people who understand recruitment best, ensuring that it delivers real value for your business.